The Rain

The Rain

The Rain

I will remember you in these rainy days
And will wet alone…
Will express my joy welcoming the new season.
today I miss your presence
… miss those walking we made through these streets..
….miss your face in those banners surrounding my town..
….miss all the slogans in the walls.

I will thank you for that…
you once stopped these rains from entering into my town with your umbrella..
I was getting the sweetest touch of my dream under it..
If you are pretending at that time..
If you are showing me the wrong path..
If you are laughing silently hearing the words of my heart..
Wish those rains will never come again..
Good bye those rains…Good bye those rainy days.

I know all the paths to become happy are closed now
Happiness will never come my way any more
..because of the torture your feelings give me
..because of the loneliness exists in every corner of my heart
Your absence will make me sad forever…

Today I am the lonely stranger of this sad town..
Will welcome the rainy days and remember you under my umbrella..
removing the happiness of wetting in the rains from my minds
Actually those mad rainy days no longer belongs to my town.
They went with you…in the search of a new umbrella!

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