Oracle Application:Data Model

Oracle Application:Data Model

When we install Oracle Database by default system will creates SYS and SYSTEM schemas. These consist of all Data Dictionary Tables. Like this if we install Oracle Applications System will automatically creates schemas of all Modules (i.e. GL, AR, AP, etc.) with the respective module name as User and Password. Along with these schemas some special Schemas i.e. APPS, APPLSYS, APPLSYSPUB will be created for special purpose.

APPS Schema:

  • It is Public Schema.
  • The APPS schema is an ORACLE schema that has access to the complete Oracle Applications data model. It is analogous to the SYSTEM schema, which has access to the entire database.
  • AutoInstall creates the necessary grants and synonyms between the schemas.
  • Oracle Applications responsibilities connect to an APPS schema.
  • There is one APPS schema for every product installation group.
  • It consists of a collection of public synonym of all the objects of all the schemas in the Application database. All the Procedures, Functions and Packages created must be stored in this Schema.


This is a special Schema consists of the files starts with FND, ALR, WF and AD.


This schema is a collection of public synonyms of all FND Tables, which are used for User verification. This is the Gate Way User ID of Oracle Applications.

Few Other Base Product Schemas:

  • GL ( General Ledger )
  • INV ( Inventory)
  • AP ( Accounts Payables)
  • APPLSYS ( Application Object Library)
  • ALR ( Alerts)

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  1. rodgersnotes says:

    Good post! Good high level view of EBS schemas.

    I did some analysis from the data dictionary side:

    I thought the results were very interesting!

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