11 Responses to Overview of Procure to Pay Cycle in Oracle Apps

  1. Dorababu says:

    Hi Team,

    You explanantion is very clear. can you please add p2p cycle journal entries as well.


  2. penchalareddy says:

    Hi, Very cleared information given about P2P Cycle
    Thank you

  3. mathivathani says:

    your explanation is clear.could you explain more about creation of Requisition

  4. surya says:

    same like can u explain us order to cash cycle plz

    • Hi Surya,

      I have written a post regarding this. Here is the link.


  5. jyothi says:

    Very clear explanation.. thank you

  6. bhaskar says:

    Thankyou Brother..Good Explanation

  7. vijay says:

    Really it was very good document.

  8. Jyothi says:

    Thanks a lot for this notes on p2p.
    It’s very clear.

  9. I love looking through a post that will make people think.
    Also, thank you for allowing me to comment!

  10. chalam says:

    without Transferring journal entries to GL, p2p cycle will not finish

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