Mulshi Dam: Amidst greenery, hills, lake and waterfalls!

Mulshi Dam: Amidst greenery, hills, lake and waterfalls!

I recently visited a place called Mulshi which is in the outskirts of Pune, India. The place was awesome with full of greenery, hills, lake, waterfalls etc. It was a one and half hour drive from Pune on bike. The roads are bit narrow but are surrounded by all natural beauties. It was a great relaxation in the weekends.

Mulshi is to the west of Pune and close to Lonavala as well as Konkan region. It is the hilly region of Pune, with one of the biggest mountain ranges in Maharashtra i.e. Sahyadri.

Mulshi dam and the surroundings are full of natural beauties that include a dam, hilly region of Sahyadri’s deep forests and forts like Dhangad and Koraigadh. Water of Mulshi is used for generating electricity. It is one of the major electricity projects in Maharashtra.

It is the best place for birdwatchers and photographers. Especially during the rainy season the lush green area becomes an irresistible temptation.

If you wish to spend some quiet moments in your life in the company of greenery and scenery and if you want to set out on a one day picnic around Pune, then Mulshi Dam is the perfect destination for you.

Mulshi is very near to Pune and a short trip here can be arranged. One must enjoy the marvelous lake, the dam, forest and hilly region of Mulshi. If you are lucky then you can enjoy boating here as well. Thus, it is a newly developing picnic spot near Pune.


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  1. Mulshi says:

    nice snaps..

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