FNDLOAD in Oracle Apps

FNDLOAD in Oracle Apps

FNDLOAD is a developer tool provided by Oracle that migrates data between Oracle Application instances. It is executed at the UNIX command line or via Unix scripts created by the developer. Oracle provides configuration files for AOL setup data, HR setups and AME. These configuration files define the parent and child entities to be downloaded and uploaded. This “out of the box” standard functionality ensures a reliable, repeatable process to migrate setup data between instances.

What can be migrated by FNDLOAD?

  • Concurrent Programs, Executables
  • Request Groups, Request Sets
  • Profile Options
  • Key and Descriptive Flexfields
  • Menus and Responsibilities
  • Forms and Form Functions
  • Attachments
  • Messages
  • Value Sets and Values
  • Lookup Types
  • User Responsibilities
  • Printer Definitions
  • FND Dictionary
  • Help Configuration
  • Document Sequences
  • Concurrent Manager Schedules

How to Migrate Data?

The executable for FNDLOAD is located in $FND_TOP/bin. FNDLOAD can be executed from the command line with the following parameters or ideally placed in a UNIX script that logs successful uploads or downloads.

The syntax of FNDLOAD is as follows:


FNDLOAD <apps/$APPS_PW> 0 Y <Mode> <Configfile> <target data file> <entity> <parameter>


  • 0 Y : Concurrent Program Flags
  • Configfile = Configuration file (.lct) provided by Oracle in $FND_TOP/patch/115/import
  • Target Data File: Name of the file (.ldt) to be created by Download or used by Upload. This file contains the definition of the entity being migrated.
  • Entity: Type of object being migrated (printer style, lookup, executable,…)
  • Parameter: Parameter related to the entity (Which printer style, lookup, etc)

Configuration Files:

Configurations files are provided by Oracle for AOL, HR and AME entities. AOL configuration files are located in $FND_TOP/patch/115/import. HR and AME configuration files are located in $PER_TOP/patch/115/import in Release 11i. In release 12, the AME configuration files have moved to $AME_TOP/patch/12/import.

Another Alternative: iSetup

iSetup is the nearest Oracle provided alternative to FNDLOAD that will meet some of the needs for change management. iSetup is ideal during implementations and is a front end functional tool. iSetup additionally has the advantage of being able to migrate application data where FNDLOAD is only for setup data. However, several significant limitations are a factor in the change management process. iSetup does not consider the owner or timestamp in order to preserve the seeded data or most recent version of data. iSetup migrates data only in the primary language. There are no multi-language capabilities. More significantly for change management, iSetup has limited ability to migrate specific objects. In some cases, filters are available to migrate individual setups such as a single concurrent program, but in many cases, it’s all or nothing. The source and target instance must be at the same patch level for iSetup. iSetup is not an option during the upgrade process even for a point release upgrade. Finally, iSetup will not migrate Approvals Management entities.

FNDLOAD Examples



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