6 Responses to Supplier Conversion in R12

  1. ensar says:

    Excellent information about R12 vendor importing.

  2. sankuls says:

    Nice Article!
    I have a doubt.
    I didnot populate the ship to location and bill to location in the interfce table.But when the supplier was created,bill to and ship to have been populated in AP_SUPPLIERS.
    So,where is this defauled from?
    Kindly reply.

    • Hi Sankuls,

      Although not mandatory, ship to location and bill to location is always required to populate from data files. Since you didn’t populate them, they might be coming from setup. Please review.

      Dibyajyoti Koch

  3. Few more info:

    We can also use request set “Supplier Open Interface Request Set” in place of running each import program individually.

    You can use either automatic Supplier Number assignment or include your own values during import. Use the SEGMENT1 field to contain your desired Supplier Number and change the Supplier Number Entry option to MANUAL in the Payables System Setup screen.

    If an invalid value is encountered when the concurrent process is evaluating each row, the ‘REJECT_CODE’ column is populated with the relevant rejection message and the ‘STATUS’ is updated to ‘REJECTED’. Processing on that row then stops and the program moves on to the next row.

  4. Kamal Bhutani says:


    In 11i we use to have an extra paramater ‘Group id’ for Supplier Open Interface and Supplier Site Open Interface nut in R12 this parameter is not there in both the interfaces. My client uses group id to identify records for different processes and upload them separately for every process (based on group id). Not sure how to handle this on R12 as there is no group_id parameter available.

    Any pointers or help on this will be highly appreciated.


  5. Patrick Tans says:


    I’m using supplier conversion to import the suppliers from legacy system to Oracle, but I ran into some problems.

    1. Once a supplier is imported, it is not possible to update that supplier with supplier conversion. Is this correct? How do I need to update then a supplier?

    2. Although i fill in the tax registration number in the ap_supplier_sites_int interface file (field VAT_REGISTRATION_NUM), the tax registration number is not filled in the supplier site tax details (Same for field rounding rule (field AP_TAX_ROUNDING_RULE),

    3.How can i set (with the supplier interface) the Rounding Level, Rounding Rule, Default Reporting Country Name, and Default Reporting Registration Number on the Tax Details Page

    4. How can I create a new regime code for a supplier with the supplier interface?

    5. How can I create a new Fiscal classification type code for a supplier with the supplier interface?

    Any help will be highly appreciated.

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