Initial Setup in JDeveloper for OAF Development

Initial Setup in JDeveloper for OAF Development


If you want to do some OAF Development in JDeveloper for the first time, you will need to do the following things.

1] Download JDeveloper Patch

Based on your instance release level, check out the version of JDeveloper to use using below link.

You can identify the OA Framework version in your instance by activating diagnostics and click the “About This Page” from any OAF page. Click the “Technology Components” tab. The OA Framework version in the top row of the table can then be matched to the JDeveloper Patch.

Download the JDeveloper Patch.

2] Extract the JDeveloper patch in a directory say D:\DevSuiteHome_1\jdev

The patch actually contains below three directories

  • jdevbin – Includes an extended version of the Oracle JDeveloper 10g executable and OA Framework class libraries.
  • jdevhome – Includes the OA Framework Toolbox Tutorial source and developer working area.
  • jdevdoc – Contains documentation.

3] Define an environment variable

Define an environment variable JDEV_USER_HOME for your local machine. This has to be set to jdevhome\jdev directory. In above example it has to be D:\DevSuiteHome_1\jdev\jdevhome\jdev.

My Computer Properties Advanced tab Environment Variables New


Value: D:\DevSuiteHome_1\jdev\jdevhome\jdev

4] Extract

Extract D:\DevSuiteHome_1\jdev \jdevbin\ into D:\DevSuiteHome_1\jdev \jdevhome.

It will create following directories

D:\DevSuiteHome_1\jdev \jdevhome\jdev\myhtml

D:\DevSuiteHome_1\jdev \jdevhome\jdev\myprojects

5] Get the DBC file

Obtain the FND database connection (.dbc) file from the system administrator who installed the OA Framework database where you want to do your development.

For the instance to use, you can get the .dbc file from $FND_SECURE and put it in <JDEV_USER_HOME>\dbc_files\secure i.e. D:\DevSuiteHome_1\jdev\jdevhome\jdev \dbc_files\secure

6] Creating a Desktop Shortcut to JDeveloper

To facilitate launching JDeveloper, create a desktop shortcut to jdevbin\jdev\bin\jdevw.exe.

7] Configuring the Environment Encoding of JDeveloper

Confirm the environment encoding of your JDeveloper if it is appropriately set.

Go to Tools – Preferences – Environment – Encoding

If Encoding is not set to “UTF-8”, set it to “UTF-8”.

The initial setup is now complete!….Now you are ready to develop your first OAF page. For more information you can refer OAF Developer’s Guide.



6 Responses to Initial Setup in JDeveloper for OAF Development

  1. hulya says:

    Hi ,
    Your blog is very good and ıts help a lot of thing for learnıng oaf.
    I know you know well oracle.I want to ask a question if you let me.

    I develop a oaf project in my local computer.( I remote a vırtual machine) There all page running very well.Then I ımport script ,sent files db,and apache restart.There is not any problem with that.When I loggin my database a username and password my all buttons cannot work,I cannot go another page even I descript menu function on forms.

    I do lot of controll but problem stıll continues.I cannot take my project test db and really I m crazy .
    Have you got any ıdea??
    Thanks for your help

    • Hannah says:

      Hi Dibyaiyoti,
      Thank you so much for sharing your OAF knowledge by putting together various OAF application examples. It really helped me with DB connection setup and I was able to build my first hello world page. Really appreciate your help.
      Very Best,

  2. santhosh kumar.k says:

    why do we set the UTF-8?..what is the importance of it? plz could you explain me briefly? I was started my journey recently in oaf

    • If you use non-English characters or data in your business services, you must configure JDeveloper to support UTF-8. Unicode is a character set supported across many commonly used software applications and operating systems and UTF-8 (UCS Transformation Format — 8-bit) the most popular multibyte character encoding for Unicode.

  3. srihari says:

    Nice blog….Great work . Thanks a lot..

  4. shreedevi wanegaon says:

    hi.. i am new to OAF……. i knw oly to develop simple helloworld page…..
    plz help me to develop OAF pages???????

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