Advantages of using the XML Publisher Report

Advantages of using the XML Publisher Report


Choose Your Design Tool:

Xml Publisher Report formats can be designed using Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat – tools most users are already familiar with. There is no proprietary design studio component required, meaning no extra cost and no extra learning curve.

Data from Anywhere:

Xml Publisher can accept and format any well-formed Xml data, as well as generate the Data. It can therefore be integrated with any database. Xml Publisher also allows you to bring data In from Multiple Data Sources into a Single Output Document.


Deliver To Anywhere:

Deliver your content via Printer, E-Mail, Fax, Webdav, or publish your report to a portal. The Delivery Manager’s open architecture allows for easy implementation of custom delivery channels, as well.

Communicate With The World:

Report Layouts can be created for any combination of 185 languages and 244 territories. These Layouts are converted to Industry-Standard files for easy In-House translation or delivery to third party translation providers. Because each translation is a separate file, modifications can still be made to the Layout without impacting translations. Xml Publisher also offers Advanced Bidirectional and Font Handling Support.

Unsurpassed Performance:

Xml Publisher is based on the W3c Xsl-Fo Standard and it is the Fastest, Most Scalable Implementation in the world today. It can handle very large data inputs and generate output in less time, using very low levels of CPU time and memory.

Open Standards. Easy Integration:

Xml Publisher is built on Open Standard technologies. It is a J2ee application that can be deployed to any J2ee container. Data is handled as Xml and the Layout Templates created in the desktop applications are internally converted to Xsl-Fo, another W3c standard. Outputs generated by the application are also industry standards such as Pdf, Rtf and Html. The delivery protocols are Internet Printing Protocol (Ipp), Webdav, Ftp, As2.

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  1. aashish says:

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