Few Interesting Questions on Oracle GL Journals Entry

Few Interesting Questions on Oracle GL Journals Entry

Is There a Report That Displays Information of One Specific Journal Entry Unposted/Posted?

No. General Ledger reports display information of journal batches posted or unposted. However, you can use the below sql query to find information of a particular journal entry.

select  b.je_batch_id batch_id ,
        h.je_header_id header_id ,
        l.je_line_num line ,
        l.code_combination_id ccid ,
        g.segment1 || '.' || g.segment2 || '.' || g.segment3 ||
        '.' || g.segment4 || '.' || g.segment5 || '.' || g.segment6 ||
        '.' || g.segment7 || '.' || g.segment8 || '.' || g.segment9 ||
        '.' || g.segment10 combination ,
        l.entered_dr entered_dr,
        l.entered_cr entered_cr,
        l.accounted_dr accounted_dr,
        l.accounted_cr accounted_cr,
from    gl_je_lines l,
        gl_je_headers h,
        gl_je_batches b,
        gl_code_combinations g
where   b.je_batch_id = h.je_batch_id
        and h.je_header_id = &je_header_id
        and l.je_header_id = h.je_header_id
        and h.je_batch_id = b.je_batch_id
        and l.code_combination_id = g.code_combination_id
order by h.je_header_id, l.je_line_num;

Can a Posted General Ledger Journal Entry be deleted?

After a journal entry is posted, it cannot be deleted. Posted journal entries cannot be deleted because that would eliminate the audit trail. To nullify the accounting effect of the posted journal entry, you can reverse it.

When can not a journal batch be deleted or modified?

A journal batch cannot be deleted or modified under the following circumstances:

a. The source is frozen

b. Funds have been reserved for the batch

c. Funds are in the process of being reserved for the batch

d. The batch is in the process of being posted

e. The batch is posted

f. The batch is approved

g. The batch is in the process of being approved

A journal batch should not be updated if it comes from a sub-ledger.

Changing accounting information in a journal that originated in a sub-module will unsynchronize the accounting information between the ledger and the sub-ledger. Instead of changing the sub-ledger journal, define a new journal to adjust the accounting information if necessary.

A journal batch that has funds reversed cannot be updated because the funds would not be re-reserved appropriately.

Which report shows details of a posted journal batch?

Journals – General (180 Char) and Journals – General (132 Char)

Is possible to restrict users from entering negative amounts in journal lines?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to restrict users from entering negative amounts in journal entry lines.

How to set up journal approval in General Ledger?

This is set up using Oracle Workflow Builder. The basics steps to setup Journal Approval are as below

a) Enable Journal Approval at the Ledger level
b) Setup Journal Sources for Journal Approval
c) Configure the profile options that control how the approval list will be built
d) Define Employees and Supervisors
e) Define Approval limits for approvers
f) Associate the employees to Oracle Apps users
g) Optional Workflow Configuration

For more information refer metalink notes: ID 176459.1 & ID 278349.1

How do you attach an Excel spreadsheet to a journal entry in Oracle General Ledger?

  1. Query the Journal that needs the spreadsheet attachment.

  2. Click on the paperclip on the tool bar.

  3. Fill the following fields in the Attachment form.

     Category    –  Choose Journal from LOV

     Description –  optional

     Data Type   –  OLE Object from the LOV

  4. Right click on the large white portion of the Attachment form choose ‘Insert Object’ from the drop box.

  5. When the Insert Object Form appears check “create from file” and click on “Browse” to choose the file that should be attached from the directory structure.

  6. Save.

How do you easily copy a journal entry from one set of books to another?

There is no standard feature to copy journal entries between sets of books. However, there are some alternatives. Refer Metalink note: ID 204082.1

How to prevent user’s ability to reverse unposted journals?

For 11i, there is not a method to prevent users from reversing unposted journals. This is intended functionality to incorporate the maximum flexibility that users may require. However you can limit user access to journal reversals through user menus set up in Sys Admin responsibility.

This functionality changed in R12 – see Note 734848.1 In Release 12, a batch must be posted before it can be reversed.

How do you automatically generate a reversal journal entry for a journal category in the previous accounting period?

If you routinely generate and post large numbers of journal reversals as part of your month end closing and opening procedures, you can save time and reduce entry errors by using Automatic Journal Reversal to automatically generate and post your journal reversals.

First you define journal reversal criteria for journal categories. Journal reversal criteria let you specify the reversal method, period and date. You can also choose to enable automatic generation and posting of journals.

When you create a journal entry you want to automatically reverse, specify a journal category that has assigned reversal criteria. Your journal will be reversed based on the method, period and date criteria you defined for that journal category.

In Release 12, a reversal journal that is Unposted cannot be modified. Why?

This is the expected functionality in Release 12. However the profile GL: Edit Reverse Journals can be set to allow the modification. Refer metalink note: ID 567641.1

Reversing journal was deleted from the system, how can you still reverse the original journal?

General Ledger does not allow you to reverse a journal entry twice. . Refer metalink note: ID 145043.1 for details.

A journal entry with a source set up for automatic reversal is not reversed. Why?

General Ledger automatically submits the AutoReverse program when a period is opened if the profile option, GL: Launch AutoReverse After Open Period, is set to Yes. If a journal is created after the period has already been opened, then the AutoReverse program will need to be submitted manually.

A journal has been created and is unposted.  The following period has a reversing journal for the original journal and it is posted. Why it is so?

This is currently the functionality of the application to allow the reversing journal to be posted even if the original journal is not.

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  1. Rajamani Kandasamy says:

    It will be good if you post your queries without the row numbers, because a lot of time is wasted in formatting the query after copying.

  2. CNaveen says:

    The points discussed here are very helpful God Bless

  3. Chakravarthy says:

    We are working on AP GL Ledger Report. Report is not giving Correct output in case of AP Prepayment transactions are used. Report is not giving correct output in case of Prepayment Applications are partial. Can you give some inputs.


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