Beautiful flowers of Assam!

Assam is a land where one can see unseen beauty of nature. You can find beautiful flowers in every corner of Assam. Here is a small collection collected by me during my recent visit to my native.

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8 Responses to Beautiful flowers of Assam!

  1. John Fanai says:

    Beautiful pictures !

  2. Thanks John……..

  3. Epics Wife says:

    Great shots !! Thanks for sharing !

  4. Thanks for the post,nice pics…………………

  5. Ankush Bhuyan says:

    Thanks for promoting Assam with flowers! Actually I was looking for planting & flowering months of flowers that can be grown in Guwahati. Just a thought… tag the flowers with names (local & botanical) and your blog may go places! Please keep it up.

  6. Hi Ankush,

    Thanks for your comment. But I am sure about the names of these flowers. Next time I go home, will try to capture the names also. My mom can help me a lot here as she is very fond of flowering and gardening.

  7. dharmendra says:

    Lovely Collection,Need some more..

  8. পঙ্কজ বৰুৱা নিপকো বকুলনি ডুলিয়াজান says:

    পাৰিলে লগতে অসমীয়া নামসমুহ দিব চোন , আমাৰ চিনিবলৈ সহজ হয়

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