How to assign an Item to a Catalog Group?


Use of Item catalog in Oracle Inventory is to Group items that share common characteristics. In order to define catalog, we can setup distinct catalog groups to partition the Item master. Each catalog group in turn has a set of unique characteristics called as Descriptive elements that describe the items belonging to the Group. Oracle Inventory provides item catalogs to help you quickly locate items based on key characteristics.


Once the process of defining and cataloging items is complete, you can:

  • Provide standard language in referring to items, enabling companies in the same industry to communicate effectively without needing to name their items identically.
  • Store a detailed description of what an item is without having to embed that meaning in the item number.
  • Use descriptive elements as search criteria for items.
  • Update the item description with a concatenated value of the item catalog group information.
  • Find common existing parts when developing an engineering prototype.

To assign an item to a catalog:

1] Navigate to the Master Items Summary window and select an item.

2] Click on Tools > Catalog of the Master Item Screen.

3] Enter a catalog group. The descriptive elements for this catalog group display in the Name field. Assigning the item to this group means the item shares these descriptive elements.

4] Enter a specific value for each descriptive element that pertains to the item.

5] Indicate whether to include a descriptive element in a catalog-derived item description.

6] Save your work.

To replace the existing item description with a catalog-derived item description:

Choose Update Description.

This creates an item description by concatenating the item catalog group description (default) or the catalog group name with the descriptive element values you defined. The concatenated item description displays in the Item Catalog Description field.

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