Oracle Workflow Process Components

Depending on the workflow process you wish to create, you need to define all or some of the following types of components to make up the process.

Item Type: A grouping of workflow components into a high level category. All components of a workflow process must be associated with a specific item type. An item type can contain multiple processes.

Item Type Attribute: A feature of the item type which stores information that can be globally referenced by any activity in a process. Also referred to as an item attribute.

Process Activity: A series of actions that need to be performed to accomplish a business goal. A process is represented by a workflow diagram. A process can include function activities, notification activities, event activities, and other process activities (subprocesses), as well as the transitions between these activities.

Event Activity: A business event modeled as an activity so that it can be included in a workflow process.

Notification Activity: A unit of work that requires human intervention. A notification activity sends a message to a performer.

Function Activity: An automated unit of work usually defined as a PL/SQL stored procedure. A function activity can also run an external function. In the standalone version of Oracle Workflow, a function activity can also run a Java program on the middle tier.

Message:  The information sent by a notification activity. The message may request the performer (the role receiving the message) to do some work or may simply provide information.

Lookup Type: A list of values that can be referenced by any activity in a workflow process. The values in the list are called lookup codes.

Transition: The relationship that defines the completion of one activity and the activation of another activity within a process. In a process diagram, a transition is represented as an arrow between two activities.

Item: A specific business document or transaction.

Process Instance: A unique item being managed by a process.

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