Facebook vs Google+:My thoughts

This is the era of social networking and we are the people who live by it. It all started when I was in my engineering. First Orkut made a strong foundation in India amongst the youth. I still remember those days when we were so addicted to Orkut for making new friends, getting number of scraps, changing  profile name and pictures the most unusual and interesting way and also changing the themes as well. Orkut was a huge success in India at that time. As time passed, we heard about twitter ,facebook, myspace and some other similar social forums. To be honest, I loved orkut so much that I never bothered about these other social forums at that time. One fine day, one of my friend asked-‘Hey do you know twitter? I simply replied ‘Ya I have heard about it, but have not explored yet…what’s interesting about it? ’…He said-‘You can follow anyone there and get updates of their life’…’Is it?’…..’Yes…even you can follow Sachin Tendulkar and Amitabh Bachchan’…He said. I got some interest at that time and explored the 140 character world. But the interest just finished in few months. ’Why do I need the updates of other people’s life?’….I mean if they did something worth knowing then we can get that piece of information easily in newspaper and other mediums. Then came the facebook era. Initially I found hard to understand the facebook. But slowly I analyzed that it comes up with so many few features that eventually drag me from orkut. The same might happen to many of my friends. Unlike the other social networks facebook’s growth was solid and it keeps the platform changing frequently so as to give the people something new and keeping them busy with them so that they will not feel bored and think of going outside facebook. Today facebook has set many new standards to social networking and now facebook’s standards have become as the current definitions of social networking.

Now Google has again entered into the social networking game with new strategies. Google’s new social networking platform Google plus has been released as an “Invite only” release and this is a popular marketing technique nowadays to intensify the users’ urge to join while doing the beta testing with a limited number of users. Now I am using G+ and I think it can give a very good competition to facebook, but will need serious innovations to virtually be a facebook killer.

Now what’s in Google Plus?

Circles:  — The groups of your life

Google Circles are groups of friends you organize by topic: Friends, Family, College Buddies, Roommates, etc. From your Circles page you drag and drop your contacts into each of these groups, which make it easier to share what you want with them.


Sparks – Your interest tracker

Sparks is like Google Reader, except it brings content to you automatically based on your interests. Each topic (ex tech, photography, whatever) will get its own “Spark” page and provide links to related articles, videos, photos, etc


Hangouts — Lets you video chat with all your buddies

Hangouts are virtual rooms where you can video chat with people in your circles. For example, if you’re not busy, you can start a talk with your pals. So, basically, it’s just video chat.


Huddles — A new group messaging app

Huddles are group messaging for people within your Circles. There’s a mobile app available for Android now that lets you send messages from your phone. Select your group and everyone can chat with each other.


Instant Upload shares your mobile photos


This one’s simple. When you snap a photo on your Android phone, it’s automatically uploaded to Google+.


Here is another beautiful comparison between the two taken from net.

Now whatever the competition is, at the end we are only the people who will be benefited. Social networking is a market that closely works on peoples’ psychology giving them a virtual world with an environment that they want. Now who knows facebook comes out with new innovations the next day, or some other will come out of a blue to change everything. Till then live in present and enjoy with whatever you like.

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