GL Budget Interface

GL Budget Interface

This program lets you prepare and analyze your budget outside of General Ledger and then transfer your budget information into General Ledger. This enables you to perform your budgeting in the environment you choose, and still maintain the integrity of your database.

Interface Table:

GL_BUDGET_INTERFACE is used to upload budget data into your Oracle General Ledger application from an external source. Each row includes one fiscal year’s worth of budget amounts for an account. When you load this table, you must supply all NOT NULL columns with data. In addition, you must supply a valid account combination in the SEGMENT columns appropriate to your chart of accounts. Finally, you must supply the budget amounts in the appropriate AMOUNT columns.

The mandatory (not null) columns of the Interface table are:

  • BUDGET_ENTITY_NAME (the budget organization)
  • UPDATE_LOGIC_TYPE (A for Add, R for Replace)

Other important columns are:

  • SEGMENT1 through SEGMENT30


  • Budget Name and Budget Entity Name
  • Currency Code
  • Account Segments(Code Combination in GL_CODE_COMBINATIONS Table)

To upload a budget:

  1. Navigate to the Upload Budget window (Budgets > Enter > Upload).
  2. Enter the Budget and Budget Organization.
  3. click Upload.

General Ledger submits a concurrent process to upload budget information from the GL_BUDGET_INTERFACE table.

Budget Upload Validation:

Budget Upload validates all of your budget information for compatibility with General Ledger. Budget Upload also checks to make sure that the following conditions are true:

• Your account is assigned to a budget organization

• The budget entry type for your account is Entered

• Your budget is not Frozen

• Your budget organization is not Frozen

• Your budget fiscal year is open for your budget

Once updated, General Ledger automatically deletes the rows of budget records in the Budget Interface table.

Base Tables:


For more information see Oracle General Ledger User Guide