Assam: Gateway to North East India

Hello…Here I am putting few clicks that I have taken during my visit to my hometown in assam. It a beautiful and diverse state with an incredible range of cultures and landscapes located in the northeast of India. Assam has many fascinating things to see and experience. Travel to Assam and you will find everything, from spectacular scenery and rare wildlife to vibrant cultures and soul-stirring places of pilgrimage.

Spread over hundred acres of land, the extensive tea gardens in Assam are known to produce some of the finest and most expensive teas in the world. Situated along the Brahmaputra river these Tea Gardens never fails to mesmerize the visitors with its unending beauty. There are about 846 Tea Gardens in Assam. They are known to produce 400 million kgs of tea per year. Robert Bruce, an official of the British empire, who is credited with discovery of tea in 1823, gave publicity of the existence of the plant, the leaves of which were boiled to prepare the tea.

Assam is also famous for Oil and can boast of having the oldest oil refinery in the country.

The pictures of Majuli. Majuli or majoli which lies in the Brahmaputra River is one of the world’s largest freshwater river islands.Majuli lies about 200km east of Guwahati, Assam’s largest city, and can be reached by ferry from the town of Jorhat. The majority of majuli’s inhabitants are tribal’s, mainly Mishings, who migrated here from Arunachal Pradesh hundreds of years ago. There are 144 villages with about 1.5 million people. The island measures about 880 square kilometers in area. The wetland is a hotspot for flora and fauna, harboring many rare and endangered avifauna species including migratory birds that arrive in the winter season.

The lush green paddy-fields of assam……….

And the roads….

Beautiful flowers of Assam!

Assam is a land where one can see unseen beauty of nature. You can find beautiful flowers in every corner of Assam. Here is a small collection collected by me during my recent visit to my native.

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