World Wide Oracle User Groups

World Wide Oracle User Groups

International Oracle Users Group Community

The IOUC is a community of leaders representing Oracle users groups worldwide. It is a forum for them to share best practices for leading and managing their users groups. Worldwide, there are over 450 independent users groups focused on Oracle products and technology. The IOUC is a place for the leaders to meet, share ideas and help determine the future of the Oracle users group communities.

Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG)

The mission of the Oracle Applications Users Group is to represent the interests of the family of Oracle Applications users worldwide in securing the optimum use and ongoing development of the Oracle Applications products.

Oracle Development Tools Users Group (ODTUG)

ODTUG is an independent, not-for-profit global organization providing education, support, advocacy, and networking opportunities for all developers, using a variety of technologies, who work on Oracle Databases.


Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG)

The Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG) represents the voice of Oracle technology and database professionals and empowers them to be more productive in their business and careers.

All India Oracle Users Group (AIOUG)

AIOUG is a non profit organization started by like minded users who think such a community is required in India where the amount of Oracle user base is humongous. The idea of this group is to share what the Oracle users have learned from using Oracle technology over the years with fellow users who have similar interest.

Other Groups:

Higher Education User Group (HEUG) –
Oracle HCM Users Group (OHUG) –
Oracle Life Sciences Users Group (OLSUG) –

AOUG (Austria) – AOUG: Austrian Oracle Users Group

BROUG – Baton Rouge Oracle Users Group

CFOUG – Central Florida Oracle Users Group

CLTOUG – Charlotte Oracle Users Group

COUG – Chicago Oracle Users Group

COUG (Calgary) – COUG: Calgary Oracle Users Group

CUORE (Spain) – CUORE: Spain Oracle User Group

CyOUG (Cyprus) – CyOUG: Cyprus Oracle User Group

DOAG (Germany) – DOAG: German Oracle Users Group

DOUG – Dallas Oracle User’s Group

GCOUG – Greater Cincinnati Oracle User’s Group

GOUsers – Georgia Oracle Users

HIOUG – Hawaii Oracle User Group

HOUG – Houston Oracle Users Group

INOUG – Indiana Oracle Users Group

KCOUG – Kansas City Oracle User Group

LAOUG – Los Angeles Oracle Users Group

MAOP – Mid-Atlantic Association of Oracle Professionals

MOUG – Midwest Oracle Users Group

NATCAP-OUG – National Capital Oracle User Group

NEOOUG – Northeast Ohio Oracle Users Group

NFOUG – North Florida Oracle User Group

NJOUG – New Jersey Oracle Users Group

NMOUG – New Mexico Oracle Users Group

NOCOUG – Northern California Oracle Users Group

NOUG – Northeast Oracle User Group, Inc

NWOUG – Northwest Oracle Users Group

NYOUG – New York Oracle Users Group, Inc

NZOUG (New Zealand) – New Zealand Oracle Users Group

OOUG – Ohio Oracle Users Group

OOUG (Ottawa) – OOUG: Ottawa Oracle Users Group

OUGF (Finland) – OUGF: Oracle User Group Finland

OUGN (Norway) – OUGN: Oracle Users Group Norway

PLOUG (Poland) – PLOUG: Poland Oracle User Group

PSOUG – Puget Sound Oracle Users Group

SAOUG (South Africa) – SAOUG: South African Oracle Users Group

SCOUG – South Central Oracle User Group

SDOUG – San Diego Oracle Users Group

SIOUG (Slovania) – Slovania Oracle User Group

SOUG (Switzerland) – Swiss Oracle Users Group

UKOUG (United Kingdom) – United Kingdom Oracle User Group

UNYOUG – Upstate New York Oracle Users Group

UTOUG – Utah Oracle Users Group

VICOUG (Victoria) – Victoria Oracle Users Group

VOUG – Virginia Oracle User’s Group

WMOUG – Western Michigan Oracle Users Group