WFLOAD Command for Oracle Workflow Migration

We use the Workflow Definitions Loader to save or load process definitions from a database or flat file. We can also define as it is a utility that moves workflow data between a file and a database and it is also used to upgrade, upload and download the workflow data.

Following is the syntax and the parameter details of WFLOAD.

WFLOAD <apps/pwd>@<connect_string> 0 Y {UPLOAD | UPGRADE | FORCE} <filepath>[<file_name.wft>]


WFLOAD apps/pwd@<connect_string> 0 Y UPLOAD $XXSCM_TOP/install/POAPPRV.wft

Different “Upload Modes” applicable to WFLOAD:

UPGRADE Honors both protection and customization levels of data
UPLOAD Honors only protection level of data [No respect of Customization Level]
FORCE Force upload regardless of protection or customization level

Use the following command to download workflow definition:

WFLOAD <apps_user_name>/<password>@db 0 Y DOWNLOAD file_name.wft <Item_Type>


WFLOAD <apps_user_name>/<password>@db 0 Y DOWNLOAD POAPPRV.wft

As a standard practice, Oracle’s upgrade patches mostly run in UPGRADE mode, hence your customizations can protected if best practices for development are followed.

One can find the seeded workflow definition files under$<PRODUCT_TOP>/patch/115/import/<LANG> directory.

For example, .wft files related to Purchasing can be located in the following directory:-