XDOLoader Utility to upload XML Templates

The XDOLoader utility is a Java-based command line program to load template (RTF, PDF, and XSL-FO), XML, and XSD files to the XML Publisher database tables. Before uploading any xml template you need to upload your concurrent program (if any) and data definitions through the FNDLOAD utility.

General Syntax to execute the XDOLoader utility as follows:

% java oracle.apps.xdo.oa.util.XDOLoader UPLOAD \
-DB_USERNAME <db_username> \
-DB_PASSWORD <db_password> \
-JDBC_CONNECTION <jdbc_con_string> \
-LOB_TYPE <lob_type> \
-APPS_SHORT_NAME <application_short_name> \
-LOB_CODE <lob_code> \
-XDO_FILE_TYPE <xdo_file_type> \
-FILE_CONTENT_TYPE <file_content_type> \
-FILE_NAME <file_name> \
-LOG_FILE <log file>

The parameters are described below:

  • UPLOAD (Mandatory): The first parameter: UPLOAD will be implemented in the feature.
  • DB_USERNAME (Mandatory): Database user name (example: apps).
  • DB_PASSWORD (Mandatory): Database user password (example: manager).
  • JDBC_CONNECTION (Mandatory): JDBC database connection string
    (example: ap000sun:1234:ebs).
  • LOB_TYPE (Mandatory):  XDO LOB type. Valid values are: ‘TEMPLATE’, ‘XML_SCHEMA’ and ‘XML_SAMPLE’
  • APPS_SHORT_NAME (Mandatory):  Application short name (example: AR).
  • LOB_CODE (Mandatory):  XDO LOB code. Enter either the Template Code or the Data Definition Code.
  • LANGUAGE (Optional): ISO two-letter language code (example: en).
  • TERRITORY (Optional): ISO two-letter territory code (example: US), default is ’00’.
  • XDO_FILE_TYPE (Mandatory):  Enter the XDO file type, valid values are: PDF, RTF, XLS, XSL-FO, XSL-HTML, XSL-XML, XSLTEXT, XSD, XML, RTF-ETEXT
  • NLS_LANG (Optional): Enter the NLS_LANG environment variable.
  • FILE_CONTENT_TYPE (Optional): Content type of the file (example: text/html, application/pdf)
  • FILE_NAME (Mandatory): Name of the file you want to upload. You can give full path name of the file.
  • OWNER (Optional): Owner of the template. Default is “ORACLE”.
  • CUSTOM_MODE (Optional): Whether to force update. Valid values are FORCE and NOFORCE (default).
  • LOG_FILE (Optional): Enter a file name for the output log file (default: xdotmpl.log).

Sample script to run the XDOLoader utility to upload a xml template:

echo  "----------------------------------------------------------------------"
echo  "Please enter the following details needed for the XML XDOLoad process"
echo  "This details can be found in the TNS entry"
echo  "----------------------------------------------------------------------"

echo "Enter Apps password  =>"
read apps_pw

echo "Enter Host TNS Database Server name  =>"
read v_host

echo "Enter Host Database TNS Port Number =>"
read v_port

echo "Enter Host Database SID name =>"
read v_sid

echo "Uploading rtf(XXFIN_SAMPLE_TEMPLATE.rtf) for the XML Template Definition"

java oracle.apps.xdo.oa.util.XDOLoader UPLOAD \
-DB_PASSWORD $apps_pw \
-JDBC_CONNECTION $v_host:$v_port:$v_sid \
-FILE_CONTENT_TYPE 'text/html' \

echo  "Finish uploading rtf(XXFIN_SAMPLE_TEMPLATE.rtf) for the XML Template Definition"

You can run the below query to see the details of your uploaded Template in the database.