How to Clear Cache from Oracle Application without Bouncing Listener?

Caching Framework in oracle apps R12 comes with an administration User interface and it is available under the Functional Administrator responsibility. This interface can be used to perform administrative operations including changing the time-out values for cache components, looking at cache usage statistics, and clearing caches.

Here are the steps to clear all Global Cache:

1] Login to Functional Administrator responsibility – then choose Home.

2] Choose the ‘Core Services’ Tab – then the “Caching Framework” Sub-Menu.

3] Proceed to choose ‘Global Configuration’ from the left hand side menu.

4] In the far right choose ‘Clear all Cache’ button.

5] A screen prompts and confirms that the action will clear all cache on the middle tier server – choose Yes. Essentially, this just forces all user sessions to engage and validate – rather than using cached values.

6] A confirmation message is displayed, confirming that all cache has been cleared across middle tiers.

7] Proceed to test and confirm whatever change was made to the preference, profile, etc….

Please note that clearing the OA Framework cache can cause data issues if multiple users are engaged and transacting data in the application at the time cache is cleared. Please use this utility with proper care.

You can also clear cache for specific component. To do that you need to go to Core Services -> Caching Framework -> Tuning. Query the application (for example iProcurement) or by Name or code.  Select the component and clear the cache.