How to migrate Oracle Alerts?

1] Using FNDLOAD utility:

Here first DOWNLOAD the custom alert from the source instance, copy the ldt file to the new instance and then UPLOAD to the destination instance.

Command to download:

FNDLOAD apps_user_name/apps_password 0 Y DOWNLOAD $ALR_TOP/patch/115/import/alr.lct my_file.ldt ALR_ALERTS APPLICATION_SHORT_NAME=’XXCUST’ ALERT_NAME=<Alert name to download>

Here are some additional parameters that can also be passed are: 


Command to upload:

FNDLOAD apps_user_name/apps_password 0 Y UPLOAD  $ALR_TOP/patch/115/import/alr.lct my_file.ldt – CUSTOM_MODE=FORCE

2] Using Alert Manager Responsibility:

You can use the Transfer Alert Definitions window to transfer an alert definition to another database, or make a copy of an existing alert. 

1. From the Menu, choose Tools > Transfer Alert.

2. In the Source Alert block of the Transfer Alert Definition window, enter:

* Application name associated with the alert to be transferred

* Alert name to be transferred

* Username and password for the database where the Alert to transfer resides

Include any necessary SQL*Net syntax to indicate where your database resides.
SQL*Net syntax may be used. The different databases need to be defined in the
$TNS_ADMIN/tnsnames.ora file.

Example of: username/ password@ SQL*Net_syntax



Note: Database Links are not supported in Applications

3. Similarly, in the Destination Alert block, enter:

* Application name for the new Alert.
* Alert name for the new Alert.
* Username and password for the new database location.

4. Click Transfer button to complete the alert transfer.

NOTE: This process works for NEW Alerts that do not exist. If the Alert exists already in the Destination location, you will receive the error:
APP-ALR-04016: The alert <alert_name> already exists on the destination database account.


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